Gymalaya Newmarket
16945 Leslie St. Unit 32
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9A2
Tel: (905)868-8200

Our Facility

Gymalaya Newmarket’s state-of-the-art facility is bright and colourful. Our centre has unique equipment designed specifically for young children. The kid size proportions of the equipment help motivate the children, enhance their performance and increase safety. Each week the configuration and setting of the equipment is modified to provide new and stimulating experience.

Parents can sit and relax in our modern and sophisticated viewing area, watch their kids, read a magazine, enjoy free WiFi, or chat with their friends while their kids are participating in a gymnastics class.

Gym equipment includes a 30 foot tumble trampoline, different types of bars, rings, balance beams, mini trampoline, climbing wall bars, mats and lots of other pieces of equipment such as slides, tunnels, stairs, soft blocks and more.