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Why a Birthday Party at Gymalaya Newmarket is Better than at an Indoor Playground

A child’s birthday party is always an exciting yet busy time for parents because you want everything to go perfectly. While the kids are playing with their friends, parents want to capture photos of their birthday boy or girl having fun, talk to their guests, and make sure everyone is having a great time… and that’s why having a birthday party at Gymalaya is better than an indoor playground.

You have the entire facility all to yourself!

Birthday parties at Gymalaya are completely private; you will have exclusive use of the facility (party room and gym) for the entire duration of the party. In other playground facilities, the area is often shared with other parties at the same time, and you only have private use of the party room. Guests at Gymalaya will have the entire facilities to themselves!

Birthday guests only!

In other play places, there can be several parties running at the same time, with children from other parties running around. For example, two-year-olds using the same equipment as eight-year-olds, potentially creating an unsafe environment, and stress for the parents.

Parents can relax!

Parents are able to mingle and chat with their own guests, rather than worry that their child could be bumping into children from other parties.  Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are playing with their guests in an organized, supervised and structured environment. They won’t have the stress of needing to keep watch at every moment.

Kids are Supervised!

Kids are supervised by trained coaches and in groups with kids around their same age throughout the gym time! Parents can sit down and relax during the party, and observe the activities through the multiple viewing windows knowing their kids are having a blast and are in good hands.

Kids will enjoy a structured play!

Rather than a free-for-all at other play places, all parties at Gymalaya are structured. Kids will enjoy exploring the gym equipment in groups with other kids around the same age, and each group will have their own coach - just like a gymnastics class. The organization of the party will help keep kids engaged in a fun environment, and kids will leave the party having learned some cool, new gymnastics skills!

Birthday boy or girl feels special!

At play places, it's tough to point out the birthday child!  At Gymalaya, we make sure everyone knows whose birthday it is throughout the party by having them help to lead the warm up, singing Happy Birthday at the end of the gymnastics time, and also once the cake is served. They even get a special Happy Birthday Throne to sit on! We make sure the birthday child is always the centre of attention.

You have extra help!

When you have a birthday party at Gymalaya, you will have help with set up and clean up. In some venues, parents are expected to do everything themselves but with us, there is less stress in getting the party ready and cleaning up the mess afterwards. Gymalaya staff will be on hand – including gym managers and trained staff - to help ensure that the children are engaged and having fun.

Value for your money!

Parents will take comfort in knowing that they are getting their money’s worth in having a birthday party at Gymalaya than in any other play place! Assistance with set up, clean up, as well as structured gymnastics all in a private setting – all add extra value.

You can see why having a birthday party at Gymalaya is better than an indoor playground.

Testimonials from Happy Customers!

Hoori R.March 6, 2017
Thank you Gymalaya and staff i had my daughter birthday was so wonderful. Staff friendly with the kids and kids had so much fun and the help us step by step to set up the room and for food , cake i will defiantly recommend to everyone.
Jessica M.March 2, 1017
Great job at Gymalaya Newmarket! Everyone had a blast for our 3 year old's birthday party. The staff were friendly and so helpful. The kids (ages 2-5) had a great time. Thank you for everything. What a great experience.
April Q.February 13, 2017
Thank you Gymalaya for the beautify party for my son’s birthday. It is the first time we have a birthday party. Gymalaya staffs are so warm and helpful. They made everything looks so easy and smooth for us. We were told to go and enjoy the party and they helped us all the way through. The children activities are very well organized. Kids had so much fun and laugh. The parents told us their children had a blast and think it was the best day ever
Lorna C.November 23, 2017
Thank you Gymalaya for the amazing birthday party for our daughters who turned 3 and 5. It was a wonderful venue for us to host and invite our neighbours, family and friends. All of our guests had a good time, kids between 2 and 10 were able to participate and have fun. Also, it was a great space to host adults and not feel crowded. The staff were amazing to work with and super helpful.
Cat F.November 20, 2017
I had my sons 2nd birthday party this weekend and it was SPECTACULAR!! 24 kids plus parents and everything went smoothly! I purchased extra time in the party room and I'm so glad they allow this option! The staff was exceptional! They helped me with boxes from my car and set up ALL my decorations and food platters with me. Only place around that's affordable AND where you get the ENTIRE venue!
  • 5 star review  This was the least stressful birthday party that I have ever held for my children. The staff were involved in every step of setting up the party room, engaging the children during gymnastics circuits and then cleaning up afterwards. Other venues would be smart to mimic what the staff do at Gymalaya. My daughter and her friends had a great time and we will definitely be back for more fun!

    thumb Shannon Cluff

    5 star review  A very big thank you to Gymalaya- Burlington staff who made our daughter's birthday party extra special in July 2018!! We invited 16 kids who are 3yr-9yrs and they loved it !!! Gymalaya staff is very friendly and extremely good with kids.The helpful staff did all the party setting up ,cleaning and bringing the gifts to the vehicle. This is one of the best birthday parties we have had and highly recommend Gymalaya to other parents.Thank you Gymalaya!!!

    thumb Nimerlika Prasansanee Jayasundera
  • 5 star review  We had our son's birthday party last week and we completely enjoyed the evening. The kids had fun and the staff were very well organized.

    thumb Madhu Vanthi

    5 star review  We had our daughters 3rd birthday there and it was fantastic! The coaches were wonderful with the kids and kept them entertained. The help with setup and cleanup was an added bonus. I love the facility and all guests were impressed. Thank you for making Savannah’s 3rd birthday a memorable one.

    thumb Elle Bee
  • 5 star review  My boys and their friends enjoyed their party very much! Thank you to the staff for an excellent service and arrangements. I will spread the word! Thanks again.

    thumb Matina Singh

    5 star review  We just hosted our daughter’s 5th Birthday at Gymalaya and the event far exceeded my expectations. From the swift set up of the room to the genuine and caring interaction with the kids, the staff are just incredible. I can’t recommend this party location enough!

    thumb Nichole Ho
  • 5 star review  I had my son's 6th birthday this weekend in Gymalaya and everyone including us loved the experience. The staff was super helpful with everything and the kids had a fabulous time. One of them said "this is the best bday party ever!!" Surely made my day� and my son loved every bit of it. Highly recommended!!

    thumb Aatika Sikander

    5 star review  Hosted my daughter’s 4th birthday and loved it. Children had lots of fun and the staff was friendly & helpful. The place was clean and hygienic also brand new. Hope they keep the standards up.

    thumb Debarati Chatterjee
  • 5 star review  I had my daughters 5th birthday party here last weekend and all the kids had an amazing time!! The staff were super friendly and extremely helpful throughout the whole party!! Would highly recommend for a Birthday party.

    thumb Kristy Robyn

    5 star review  This place is amazing! Just had both my daughters bday there today and the service and organization was amazing!!! Great 1 hour instructed gymnastic play and so much room for the adults to talk and watch!!! If I could give it ten stars I would!

    thumb Flavia Pasquariello
  • 5 star review  I cannot say enough about Gymalaya and the amazing staff! We have had such a wonderful experience. Miss Lisa and her crew are beyond amazing!

    thumb Brandy Jean

    5 star review  Just had our daughter’s 4th Birthday Party today at Gymalaya Newmarket. Everyone had an amazing time and really enjoyed the party. The teachers are top notch!!! They are always assisitng the children and encouraging them to try new moves and not to be affraid. They are very polite and the most caring staff I have ever seen. They set up the party room, served the food and cleaned up at the end. Thank you Lisa and staff for a job well done and a very enjoyable afternoon for all.

    thumb Teresa Pileggi
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